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Our guided motorcycle tours on our latest model BMW adventure motorcycles take you on the roads less traveled and introduce you to the most scenic places – from areas with lush vegetation to unexpected barren, yet exquisite, landscapes. Combine this with the renowned hospitality and diverse cultures of the Southern African people and you can expect a delightful experience with memories for a lifetime that only this part of the world can offer.

We believe in riding responsibly. We ride in such a way that we’re able to continue tomorrow. We owe this to ourselves, to our fellow-riders and to the environment in which we ride.

 All our motorcycle tours are suitable for riders with basic experience in off road riding. Groups of 3 or more motorcycles are accompanied by a back-up vehicle carrying luggage, first-aid, tools, spares, water and snacks.

As a start, why not do the private day tour of Cape Town or the 3 day Western Cape Tour? This is a spectacular way to see the diversity and experience the culture in the mother city!

Our know-how is your starting point to an invigorating and hassle-free Southern African motorcycle adventure.

8 Reasons why you should book a guided and fully supported adventure motorcycle tour with us

  1. Our know-how and in-depth knowledge of the routes and areas that we cover take the guesswork out of selecting routes yourself. It gives you the benefit of an all-inclusive experience without having to do any planning from your side.
  2. We go off the beaten track which gives you the opportunity to explore and experience more than what the average tour would offer.
    At the same time we take care of those essentials to ensure personal comfort and wellbeing.
  3. We select quality venues for meals and comfortable locations for accommodation. And we know where to find them in remote areas.
  4. We only tour in small groups. This allows us to be flexible and to adjust to the needs of each individual rider in the group.
  5. Together with this, we offer a personal service based on professionalism and sincere care for our clients.
  6. We do detailed planning to create a unique adventure experience for you to enjoy. We then take this one step further and also put in place those often unnoticed administrative, logistics and support arrangements to ensure a hassle-free experience. All you have to do is to enjoy the ride!
  7. Having our back-up vehicle in support, offers peace of mind as it has the equipment on board that may be required in the unlikely event of an emergency or accident.
  8. We offer all of the above at reasonable and affordable rates.

Time for Action!

Contact us today still to make your African adventure motorcycle dream a reality.

You can also bring your own motorcycle!

Although our all-inclusive tour packages provide for adventure riders renting adventure motorcycles from us, we also welcome riders with their own motorcycles. Contact us for tour costs.

Contact us today still to make your African adventure motorcycle dream a reality.

A welcoming world of amazing landscapes, outstanding routes to ride, a rich cultural history and excellent food and wine awaits you!

Note: We do not recommend solo riding (riding on your own) on the routes that we offer.